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Bot Commands

Command Description
!help Shows information of all documented commands
!last Show information about your most recent score.
!roll (n) Roll an n-sided dice
!with Specify custom accuracy & mod combination with `/np`
!map (Beatmap Nominators or higher) Changed the status of a map (/np)
!notes (Moderators or higher) Shows all logs of a specified player.
!addnote (Moderators or higher) Add a note to a specific player.
!silence (Moderators or higher) Silence (mute) a player with a duration and reason
!unsilence (Moderators or higher) Unsilence (unmute) a player.


Thanks to peppy, private servers (like Iteki!) have official support within the client. This means there is theoretically no need for any external programs or certificates to connect to a private server. However, the method in which to do this revolves around creating a special shortcut with some arguments in it to connect to the server you wish.

Some people have struggled to do so, so we created a simple program to create this shortcut for you!
To download the patcher and connect to Iteki, you can click here.


Iteki is ran purely by a staff member of teenagers. To keep the server going, we need money and as you can imagine that is difficult - we do not have the average paid day job. We don't expect any donations however any made are greatly appreciated! For now, if you would like to donate then please join the Discord and message tsunyoku and he will help you to donate.